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Agreements on Tokyo Tech Information and Communication Infrastructure

In consideration of being enrolled in Tokyo Institute of Technology, the undersigned hereby agrees and acknowledges:

IC card authentication
Matrixcode and password authentication

Guideline for the Tokyo Tech Information Infrastructure Use

Those who violate the following regulation, will be temporarily suspended from using Tokyo Tech Information Infrastructure. The countermeasure against the violation will be finalized by the Tokyo Tech Information Ethics Committee.

  1. Use one's own account only
    (do not use others' account or do not let anyone use your account);
  2. Verify that there is no security problem when connecting your computer to Tokyo Tech Information Infrastructure;
  3. Do not violate Intellectual Property Right;
  4. Do not act against good public order and customs;
  5. Do not perform fraud acts, such as pyramid scheme;
  6. Do not engage in defamation or harassments;
  7. Do not deliver intentional attack;
  8. Do not use P2P software as indicated in this list;

Dealing with Communication Records

Keep the following communication records to maintain the security and also to cope with the possible troubles caused in and outside of campus:

  1. access dates;
  2. connection user name (computer log-in ID);
  3. IP address or MAC address;
  4. Web access records (URL);
  5. Information required in our security facilities; '2020/05/26 15:34:14' © 2006-2008 GSIC, Tokyo Institute of Technology