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Inquiries about the information services available from the Global Scientific Information and Computing Center

Tokyo Institute of Technology IT Service Desk
Opening hours: 9:00 - 12:15, 13:15 - 17:00 * Closed on non-working days and holidays.
  • Telephone number: 03-5734-3654
  • E-mail: helpdesk(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".
Installation and troubles regarding Tokyo Tech Software Service
Research Promotion Department's Support team for comprehensive agreement software
  • Telephone number: 03-5734-3837
  • E-mail: ca-query(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".
Before you contact the IT Service Desk,
  1. Try asking around first.
    Is there someone who has the same or similar symptoms around you?

  2. Check FAQ.
    FAQ about the Portal is ready for you. Take a look at them, then you might find the answer you want.

  3. How about asking search sites?
    Can't you find the similar symptoms or any solutions on those search sites?

  4. Try getting your inquiry in order.
    Only "I can't use __." is not enough to solve your trouble smoothly.
    Try having your explanation in order, for example, "When I click this __ button, I got a __ message.", which would make us easy to understand what the problem is and find a solution quickly.
Sample questions which are difficult to address at IT Service Desk
  1. Network in my Lab cannot be connected properly.
    The IT Service Desk cannot check network which has been set up by each lab or netowork administrators in each organization.
    Please ask your lab or the network administrator of your building first.

  2. I don't know how to set up Wi-Fi router or printer which I purchased.
    Usually, the IT Service Desk doesn't have the same machinery as you have now in trouble. Contact the manufacturer or the vender where you purchased them.

  3. Is it possible to do __ using Word (or Excel)?
    Why don't you ask to the serch sites? Just put key words and click "Search"! We use them as well.
The IT Service Desk wishes to deal with inquiries and trouble as much as we can.
It might be difficult with solving inquiries which are not provided by GSIC Service. Thank you for your understanding.

Inquiries about IC cards and resetting PIN code

Student IDs
Ookayama: INFORMATION (Taki Plaza, Floor 1)
Suzukakedai: Student Division (J1 Bldg., Floor 1)
Staff ID cards/access cards
Ookayama: Human Resources Planning Group, Human Resources Division (Administration Bureau 1 Bldg., Floor 2; ext. 7040)
Suzukakedai: Human Resources Group, General Affairs Division (J2 Bldg., Floor 4; ext. 5905)

Support for password reset requests & wireless connections

The Service Counter at the Tokyo Tech Co-op (Ookayama/Suzukakedai)
Ask at the counter if you need help. If you're having problems with a notebook computer, bring it with you.
The Service Counter can also reset a password for people who need to reset their passwords. If you don't have an IC card reader which is available around you, simply come to the Co-op counter.

Inquiries about Library Service and electronic journals

Library Ask Service

Inquiries about Web system for S&F/T2SCHOLA/TOKYO TECH OCW

Web system for S&F Help Desk

Inquiries about the Building Access

E-mail: gate(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".

Other inquiries about the Portal

The Authentication Infrastructure Team in the Infrastructure System Group of the Research Promotion Department's Information Infrastructure Division (E2-3)
Opening Hours: 8:30-17:15
E-mail: query(at) * Replace "(at)" with "@".
Extension: 3381 *During non-working hours, please submit inquiries via e-mail.

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