Step3: Read QR Code

📱[Smart phone/Tablet]
  1. Launch ENTRUST Identity application.

    *If an explanation pop-up is showed, please tap "X" and skip it.
    *If you are required to allow access to Pictures and Movie, please allow them.

  2. Tap "Scan the QR Code from your identity provider." (or "QR scan" icon under the menu) and read the QR Code showed Step 2.

  3. Enter the QR Code password which is displayed at Step2. When you finish, tap the "OK" button.
  4. Enter Identity Name and tap the "NEXT" button.
    Please decide Identity name so that you can distinguish the system which you are going to authenticate.

  5. When you see Registration Code, please move on to "Step4:💻 Activation".

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Updated: December 17, 2021
Created by: The Authentication Infrastructure System Team

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