Step 3: Setting up the certificate management tool

If you are using an IC card reader not made by NTT Communications, you will need to register your IC card reader on the certificate management tool. You may have to restart your computer after changing your settings. Make sure that you have closed all your open applications before making the changes.

  1. Open "Certificate management tool". Follow the instrustions depending on your Windows version.
    • using Windows7
      Click Windows start button and open "All Programs". Then, go to "eLWISE Security Keeper" and click "Certificate managememt tool (証明書管理ツール)".
    • Using Windows10
      Open the menu from Windows start button and go to "eLWISE Security Keeper". Then, click "Certificate Management Tool (証明書管理ツール)".
  2. This brings up the selection screen. Select your IC card reader from the list of registered readers on the right side on the window and then click "Add (追加)". That will move your reader to the list of eSK-compatible reader/writers. Click "Save (保存)".
  3. If you see a message telling you to restart your computer, do so. Proceed to Step 4: Checking to make sure that the IC card reader works correctly.

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Updated: December 28, 2018
Created by: The Authentication Infrastructure System Team

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