Specific-use outgoing e-mail server

In the Tokyo Tech Mail System, only Tokyo Institute of Technology IC card holders can send e-mail. However, the System also provides a specific-use outgoing e-mail server as an alternative for e-mail transmission programs that users have installed on WWW servers, etc., for academic or research-related use.

1. How to use the server

Use the following server as the specific-use outgoing e-mail server.


Check the "From" address for outgoing e-mail.
  • If the "From" domain uses the e-mail domain forwarding service, create an alias address.
  • * If you do not want to allow anyone to forward the e-mail that you receive at the alias address, set the forwarding destination to "null@nap.gsic.titech.ac.jp".
  • If the "From" domain does not use the e-mail domain forwarding service, configure the domain's MX settings.

If the recipient addresses are a Tokyo Tech Mail System addresses

You do not need to submit an application.

If the recipient addresses contain an address from an external e-mail system

Fill out an application and submit it via campus mail.
* You do not need to submit an application to forward to an external address after sending to the Tokyo Tech Mail System alias address or to use the server via a CGI program installed on a WWW server proxy service.

2. How to apply

Download and fill out the application file from the link below.

Specific-use Outgoing E-mail Server Usage Application (.doc)

Parties responsible for applications: Instructors/department chiefs or higher-ranking individuals

University mail address: E2-3 Authentication Infrastructure Team, Infrastructure System Group, Information Infrastructure Division, Research Promotion Department

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Updated: January 21, 2013
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